Multiple Teams · Update on CHS Winter Sports

Hello everyone! Our spring sports at the high school are entering post season this weekend and all next week for CHS, so come out to support our athletes!  OJH is having their first week of games for their spring sports, and their 7 week season will end just before Memorial Day weekend, so see if you can encourage our athletes by watching them play.

I also want to give an update about winter sports for the high school. The first day of practice is May 3rd so please get into FinalForms and get those forms signed and have a current physical on file.  The season will be from May 3rd to June 12th (which is a week after graduation).  We have posted all of our home games currently on our schedules for each team, and are waiting for the rest of our away games to be put in by their schools.  Please be aware that schedules do change, so our website will have the latest version of each schedule.

For basketball and wrestling, it will be required that we can only play games and matches in phase 3 counties. So if we remain in phase 3 when the state does the next re-eval on May 3rd and becomes effective May 7th, we will still be able to host all of our home games and matches…and if our opponent is in a county that is in phase 2, we may host those games as well, and possibly hosting other varsity games from our league for teams that cannot play at either of their sites.  Likewise if our county moves down to phase 2, we cannot host any games and thus will have to move our games to our opponent’s site or another site that is in phase 3 so those games and matches can still happen.  In phase 3, masks will still have to be worn at all times by basketball and wrestling athletes, coaches, spectators, and so on.  We realize the battle it be for a wrestler to keep their mask on during a match, but we are expecting officials to treat it like headgear where an athlete fixes their mask and headgear at a stoppage, not blowing the whistle every five seconds for when the masks come off.

The last item I want to cover in this update is a new requirement that came out Wednesday night in regards to wrestling.  For wrestling to be allowed to happen from the governor’s office and state department of health, they are requiring testing of all wrestlers at least twice a week.  As I give you more information on this, please be aware that I was given this two days ago and have been working on understanding all of the requirements and may not have all the answers yet.  The tests will be rapid tests (antigen tests), where the wrestler will be given a fancy q-tip for them to swab their own nose and then give it back.  We will have results within 15 minutes to know if they tested positive or negative.  These tests have to be at least twice a week, 3-4 days apart, and they have to be done the day of every match. So if we have a match on Friday and Saturday, we will have to test on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday as an example. These tests will be done on campus and at no cost to parents or students.  If a wrestler tests positive, every wrestler on the team will be considered a close contact and will be required to quarantine for 14 days (unless you are fully vaccinated as a 16 year old or older), and any matches will be cancelled/postponed.  Here is the link to the new requirement that you can read, specifically pages 8-10.